Indian Sports Betting Options that Provide Legal and Safe Sportsbook Wagering for Indiana Bettors

The state of Indiana has warmed up to gambling slowly over the years, and now has 13 casinos located within their state borders. Despite their transformation to a region that is fairly friendly towards the gambling industry, they are still unable to transcend federal laws that prohibit stated based sports betting. This means that the state is unable to legally offer its residents and visitors any type of sportsbook wagering opportunities. The good news is that this does not exhaust all options for Indiana sports fans who are interested in engaging in some licensed and secure responsible gambling on their favorite teams, players and sports events. This guide will provide you with accurate and up to date information about the legal status of Indiana sports betting, what your best options are, and how to get started. Our guide also covers information about betting on Indiana professional sports, as well as betting on Indiana college sports teams.

Our Most Recommended Indiana Sports Betting Site

Bovada Sportsbook screenshotBovada is our recommended sportsbook for Indiana sports bettors. They are US friendly, provide high quality, professional services and offer a nice 50% match bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Their betting lines cover all major sports, including professional and collegiate programs, as well as European leagues. You will find that they also cover major and minor leagues, and amateur events when applicable, such as during the Olympics, golf and other events. They provide a feature rich experience that includes in-play and live betting, a mobile sportsbook application, creative wagering options, and seasonal promotions. Bovada also has a full service casino, poker room and racebook at your disposal as well. Visit Bovada Sportsbook.

Our Top 4 Sportsbooks For Indiana Players

Num Sportsbook Link Sportsbook Bonus Offer
#1 Bovada Sportsbook 50% Match Up To $250 (Most USA Accepted)
#2 BetOnline Sportsbook 25% Match Up To $1000 (All USA Players Accepted)
#3 Bookmaker Sportsbook 15% Match Up To $2500 (All USA Players Accepted)
#4 25% Match Up To $1000 (All USA Players Accepted)

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Indiana?

Federal laws do prohibit online and offline sports betting that is based in the United States, aside from the land based sports betting options found in Nevada and Delaware. The laws that govern this ban are the Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. These laws do not prohibit US bettors, including those in Indiana, from engaging in legally licensed sportsbook wagering that is regulated and located outside of the USA. These gambling destinations are located within regions that have expressly legalized sports gambling, and are therefore legally permitted to offer their services to bettors from around the world. Because these sports betting businesses are legally licensed and regulated by a governing jurisdiction, they are not violating any of the federal laws in the United States. This means that Indiana sports bettors who participate in betting on sports at these types of sportsbooks are doing so legally. You are able to review the Indiana state gambling laws from the official website of the Indiana State Legislature.

Where Do I Locate Indiana Online Sportsbooks That Are Licensed and Certified To Provide Services to Indiana residents?

This guide is a reliable resource for locating the best legal and reputable sports betting opportunities for Indiana bettors. Each site that is recommended has been extensively vetted by industry professionals who are trained to analyze the legitimacy and quality of online gambling sites, including those specializing in sportsbook wagering. Relying on the input of experts is the most effective way to avoid falling prey to the questionable sports wagering destinations that can put you at risk.

Will I Get in Trouble For Betting at Offshore Sportsbooks?

There are no federal or state laws which prohibit Indiana sports bettors from engaging in online gambling at Internet sportsbooks that are operating legally within the industry. The only way you could end up in legal trouble by betting at offshore sportsbook destinations is if you selected a brand that is not legitimately licensed or regulated, which would likely mean they are an illegal operation. Even in this scenario, though it would undeniably place you at risk for becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft, law enforcement typically goes after operators of illegal gambling sites, not the participants.

What Types of Sports Can I Bet On at Legitimate Indiana Sports Betting Sites?

The brands recommended on this site all bring a great selection of betting lines to the table. They cover all major and minor leagues, professional and collegiate programs, as well as European sports. You will find lines on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, UFC, MMA, boxing, NASCAR and other motor sports, cricket, rugby, swimming, surfing, boating, and many others. These reputable sportsbooks even cater to the non-sports gambling enthusiast by including lines on reality competition TV show results, political elections, current events and celebrity gossip. You could say there is something for everyone. In addition, there is a wide range of wagering options, including over/under, parlays, player, team and game props, and live betting features.

Will The Time Come When Indiana Offers State Regulated Sports Betting?

In order for this to occur, federal laws would have to changed or re-interpreted. Currently federal laws do not allow brick and mortar or online sports betting businesses in the United States. Nevada and Delaware are the exceptions as they were grandfathered in and permitted to keep their sports betting offerings in place. New Jersey has recently attempted to challenge the PASPA from 1992, but was unsuccessful, having their efforts blocked through a lawsuit initiated by the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA. Their appeal to the Supreme Court fell on deaf ears as the court refused to hear their argument. At least for the time being, the federal government and the courts of the land seem resolute in supporting the existing laws governing sports betting in the United States. State based opportunities are off the table for now, leaving the legitimate offshore sportsbooks as our best options for legal and safe Internet sportsbook wagering.

Betting Trends on Popular Indiana Sports Teams

The Indianapolis Colts

The Colts in Indy seemed like an unstoppable force with Peyton Manning at the helm. However, a perfect storm of bad things happened a few seasons ago. Manning was hurt and had to miss the entire season to get four neck surgeries, and the Colts ended up with the worst record in the league. But a silver lining to this dark cloud, they earned the 1st pick in the NFL Draft and selected a young, strong QB out of Stanford named Andrew Luck. With Luck, the Colts have reclaimed their position in the AFC and are perennial shoo-ins for the playoffs. Last year, Luck and the Colts beat Manning's Broncos in the playoffs, before ultimately losing in the AFC Championship to eventually champions New England, in the great "DeflateGate" game.

The Colts were actually a solid team for betting last season. Overall, they went 12-6-1 ATS (against the spread), and ended up 5-0 in their division. All told, the Colts are still atop the AFC in terms of power rankings, easily earning a top-five spot. They have a stronger running attack this year, more WR weapons for Luck to throw to, and supposedly a stronger O line that can protect Luck better in the pocket. For these reasons, we can see this trend actually improving this season, with the Colts perhaps going a solid 14-4 ATS. There's no guarantee here, but it is likely.

Some other Colts stats from last year include:

4-1 after a loss
6-2 as the home team and as home favorites
2-1 in the playoffs
6-4 as the away team
10-4-1 as favorites on the spread

The Indiana Pacers

Last summer, after Paul George broke his leg badly in a game with team USA, the Pacers' shot in the Eastern Conference of the NBA was basically over. They had a strong, tall center in Hibbert, but he didn't produce much and is no longer with the team. They missed George's presence badly last year and didn't even make the playoffs. Their stats weren't that rosy either for gamblers. ATS, the Pacers were 42-37-3, and they were only 16-10 as away underdogs. This means they had a tough time covering when they were considered the lesser team. So if you were a gambler taking a long shot on the Pacers, you probably didn't do very well.

The Pacers get George back this year and will probably end up one of the eight Eastern Conference teams in the playoffs. However, they're probably going to run into teams like Cleveland and Toronto and Atlanta once there, and it will take everything they have to even compete, much less to win. We do predict that Indiana's trends will improve. We can foresee them taking at least 65% ATS, and maybe a solid 70% in the over, since their offense will be very potent. But when it comes to winning a championship or even making it to the Finals, we feel the Pacers will ultimately fall short.

Some other Pacers trends from last season that may interest you include

16-12 as home favorites
21-17 as underdogs
21-18-2 as the away team
8-10 on no rest
15-13-2 in non-conference games